Quality Control

The board management and employees of BOO recognize fully the importance of quality products, of performance and organization in the successful completion of any contract/project. Our commitment to quality is priority, which affect every aspect of our work and therefore our future business success. Quality of our products has been sustained by a constant programme of quality related events.

Quality awareness seminars are presented to all staff on a regular basis. A large number of BOO staff have undergone training in improvement on quality monitoring and control techniques and have been tasked with addressing specific projects or aspects f the various furniture products we manufacture and produced. This we believe will assist in further improving the high quality standards we have already achieve such as our repair rate of less than 10% per annum.

Taking accounts of lessons learned over our long period of existence, developments in the market place and the current needs of our clients and business, quality control process has now expanded to cover all aspects of our production across our entire manufacturing system. The initiative sets out in our company policy on quality products has clear goals, both for the medium-term and longer-term. It also has a strong customer focus and real commitment to developing people to reach their potential, thus enabling the company to achieve its goals and target of a higher quality in all the furniture items manufactured and produced by BOO.

Significant features and aims in achieving our quality goals and target includes:
Full implementation of OSHA and ASHRAE
A structured approach to the achievement of goal and objectives
A greater degree of accountability, with emphasis given to target setting, contractually greed monetary amount, accurate measurement and detailed precise drawings.
A best practice review to achieve the use of the best possible processes, methods and systems to ensure faster, economical and quality oriented personnel.
The experience gained by BOO in developing and applying company-specific standards proved valuable in the production of vast, large scale, specific, customized furniture such as those we produced and manufactured for Mobil House, Maroko, Lagos in conjunction with HNB of London. The potential benefits of our ‘in-house’ competence awareness is centered on work flexibility. Our competence assessment system has had a direct effect on our approach in the production and manufactured of each furniture item.

All wood required for the office furniture will be fabricated with high Grade A Masonia wood/planks, plywood and chipboard (for use in E.g Lipping, Routing, Plinth-base, etc), with masocia veneer, applied with resin glue and other chemical, under a hot press of 8000kh weight for that perfect finish.

Each wood/plank is individually inspected by personnel from the quality control section before acceptance by the company. The wood/planks are kiln dried in our 30 tone kiln dried & wood treatment plant, with a standard 11%-13% retained moisture level being maintained. The wood/planks are also treated against infection of woodworms, insect attacks, etc.

All furniture component both exposed and unexposed will be Matt Lacquered with acid catalyst 10:1 hardener/Matt lacquer applied on by the curtain air lacquer machine and pneumatic spray guns.
A top coat of finishing chemical – Epibel or Epoxy is applied twice for the final finish.
In between the 1st and 2nd application is a period of 13-236hours drying. The last coat is also given a drying period of 14 days in normal atmosphere and 5 days in our finishing oven to remove all chemical emission from epoxy, polyester, polyethane or acrylic used.

Our organization has fleet of high-powered vari-tonned diesel trucks that deliver client’s furniture. Furniture items manufactured and produced are stored in or warehouse pending for delivery and installation.
Our warehouse are moderate capacity, however, when there is a huge production, our storage system is maintained and complemented with the Resident manager or other appropriate personnel on site on the status of erection of houses structures. This guide us greatly in ensuring that pre-production plan strategies are maintained, accelerated or slowed down to accommodate client need within a certain limited period of time.

When there is huge production going on, storing of finished items is not encouraged neither by our client no BOO management. Delivery and installation run hand-in-hand with production thus ensuring a cost-save project based on delivery and fully installed, manufactured furniture items as per stipulated and agree scheduled.



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