Quality Assurance Policy

Our objective is to produce high quality furniture . A high international quality standard shall be our benchmark for the production of both office (hardware) and home furniture to the satisfaction of our customers. To meet these challenges, we shall be doing the following:
1. There shall always be a closely monitored/controlled quality control Q/C (in-built) procedure from the receipts of raw materials to finished products.
2. Physical and chemical test shall be carried out on all materials supplied to ensure that only quality materials that passes test are used for production. Any materials that fail the out live test shall be rejected.
3. There shall be an in-process control unit (IPC). The unit shall monitor and control the quality level of process from one work stating to the other to be able to achieve the desired specification for the finished product. The in-process team shall be les by the project manager.
4. There shall be quality assurance that will be able to establish through some professional outline test, that a product meets specification. Products that do not meet specification cannot pass Q/C test and can not be delivered.
5. Production staff shall be train and retain on and off the job, on the need for good manufacturing practice (GMP).
6. Quality shall be the focus at all process stages and up to the final delivery to the customer. We shall endeavour to keep a serving contract with our customers to enhance their satisfaction at all times.
Quality is our priority, the only way we wish to be different from others, the only way we hope to satisfy our customers and remain the very best.



Founded in 1962, Bob Oshodin Organization Limited (BOO Ltd) Nigeria, has become one of the premier manufacturers, distributors and exporters of fine home and office furnishings in the Nigeria.



Bob Oshodin Organization Ltd.
Km 7, Benin Sapele Road,
P.O.Box 712,
Benin City



We craft exotic and elegant wooden furniture, fittings accessories, exclusive decorations for commercial centres, private and residential housing, sports and recreational facilities around the globe.