Delivery, including exports (shipping) is done in well padded delivery trucks, vans and containers. This ensures the safety of our well packaged products.
Our organization has fleet of high-powered trucks that deliver client’s furniture locally. Furniture items manufactured and produced are stored in or warehouse pending for delivery and installation. Our warehouse are moderate capacity, however, when there is a huge production, staged delivery could be necessary to client’s project location. Delivery schedules and manufacturing schedules are optimised to ensure the timely completion of projects to target time scales.



Founded in 1962, Bob Oshodin Organization Limited (BOO Ltd) Nigeria, has become one of the premier manufacturers, distributors and exporters of fine home and office furnishings in the Nigeria.



Bob Oshodin Organization Ltd.
Km 7, Benin Sapele Road,
P.O.Box 712,
Benin City



We craft exotic and elegant wooden furniture, fittings accessories, exclusive decorations for commercial centres, private and residential housing, sports and recreational facilities around the globe.